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Coach's Retirement Celebration

Coach's Retirement Celebration

Our St. Luke's community honored Coach Eugene Gluszek on Sunday, April 22 for his Retirement Celebration with a packed house.  In his 33 years at St. Luke's, Coach impacted the lives of thousands of students in a positive way with his enthusiasm, dedication, loyalty and his never give up attitude. Former students, mentors and colleagues walked us down memory lane while St. Luke's former Heads of School shared their memories from hiring Coach to highlighting all who he has impacted. It was quite astonishing to see all of the generations Coach has impacted in one room. Coach will forever have a special place within the St. Luke's community. We are all grateful for his service and dedication to all of our families. We are hanging up one special whistle, but Coach will always be a part of St. Luke's.

 "There are lots of famous coaches out there.  There’s that coach from OUR Coach’s alma mater, Kent State, who used to be at LSU that now works at another SEC school.  We would prefer to call him “He Who Shall Not Be Named.” Then, there’s the late coach from that same school who people call CoachPaulBearBryant, like it’s one word. There’s Coach K, the famous basketball coach from Duke University, Mike Krzyzewski. The Ol’ Ball Coach- Steve Spurrier, and a few others from this area: You’ll remember, “The Madhatter,” and the late “Cholly Mac.”

But OUR Coach has a lot in common with some other pretty famous people.

There’s:  Elvis, Adele, Cher, Sting, Bono, and Oprah…  They are so famous, no last name is necessary.

In this community, if you say “Coach,” everyone knows who you’re talking about.  There is no need to specify. It’s just, “Coach.” OUR Coach."   

 - Amy Whitley, former St. Luke's Head of School

During the presentation Fr. Bryan announced that a scholarship fund was setup in honor of Coach.  If you would like to donate please click here.

Thank you Coach!  We love you!    

Click the picture below to enjoy the video shown at Coach's Retirement Celebration.