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The Power of Gratitude 


Our family is honored to serve as this year’s Annual Giving Campaign Chair Family. As St. Luke’s supporters, we know first-hand the importance of providing our children with a quality education in a place where they can be inspired, encouraged, and molded into the best people they can be.

When my husband and I first visited the St. Luke’s campus, we immediately knew that it was unique. The atmosphere was warm, loving, accepting, and nurturing. The teachers appeared to genuinely want to be there, and the kids’ faces reflected joy in learning, rather than the dread of school work.

Since enrolling our girls at St. Luke’s, Lyla, our 6th grader, has matured by leaps and bounds. St. Luke’s has afforded her the opportunity to be expressive and creative in her learning. They have given her a love for reading and have provided her with fundamental skills that she will use throughout her lifetime.  Our 3rd grader, Meredith, has been encouraged in her confidence, allowing her to come out of her shell, and she has truly begun to recognize the “fun” in being taught new things.

We will be forever grateful to St. Luke’s for the foundation it has provided our girls at a crucial time in their upbringing. We recognize the importance of preparing our children for the many challenges of the outside world, and we are thankful to St. Luke’s for giving our girls a loving, Christ-centered, family-like environment, where they can grow physically, spiritually, and emotionally. We are very blessed to call St. Luke’s home.

This year’s annual giving campaign provides an opportunity to express our gratitude for St. Luke’s and all that it has to offer. Through annual giving, we provide St. Luke’s with funding necessary to maintain a competitive edge when it comes to training, staff, technology, infrastructure, and enhancements.

Please give thoughtful prayer and consideration to joining our family in participating in the Annual Giving Campaign. As we strive towards 100% family participation, we remain thankful that we are afforded the ability to help make St. Luke’s the best place it can be for our children. Through the support and commitment of faithful families, we hope to continue to provide an ideal environment for our children to learn and grow.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and participation.

Marisa and Justin Roper


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